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10 Tips to Boost Morale

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10 Tips to Boost Morale 01 | Focus On The Good Stuff …of what your people do, what they say, intend, contribute, sacrifice, risk,and hope to achieve. Instead of asking, “What’s going on here?” or “What’s wrong here?”, ask “What’s wonderful? What’s working?” 02 | Reward Good Behavior Do this both formally and informally. Enthusiasm, […]

Advocating with Non-Violent Communication

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Advocating with Non-Violent Communication Happiness and harmony are established in proportion to how well we get our needs met. When we get what we need, and especially when we get what we want, we feel at peace, satisfied, joyful. So, how do we get our needs met? First we become aware of them. Often our […]

Resolving Conflict with Ease

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Resolving Conflict with Ease The gift of non-violent communication. Many times we come up against conflict or discord with another because of our differences—differences in culture, age, background, resources, knowledge base, preferences, or attitude (to site just a few). However, if we bolster our ability to communicate well, namely our gifts of speaking and listening, […]

To Fully Embrace Diversity Celebrate Your Uniqueness!

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To Fully Embrace Diversity Celebrate Your Uniqueness! Permission Giving ourselves permission to be all that we can be is another giant step towards creating a culture that values diversity. But first, a reminder – I’ve noted several times that self-actualization is the at the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Expressing our greatest self, our […]

Creating Common Ground

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Creating Common Ground Have you ever listened to a new friend telling you snippets of his or her life story, and after sharing portions of yours, maybe after every third sentence or so, one or both of you exclaim, “Oh wow! That happened to me too!” Did you notice that each time either of you […]

Communicating to Connect

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Communicating to Connect The way we communicate can make or break any situation. It can bring people together or tear them apart. It can build people up, or beat them down. It can elicit coming together in love, or breaking into battle. As the saying goes, “it’s not what, it’s how.” Communication is primarily expressed […]

Dissolving Boundaries in the Workplace: Exercising Our Inclusion Muscle

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Dissolving Boundaries in the Workplace: Exercising Our Inclusion Muscle The mind sees differences. The heart sees sameness. The mind makes distinctions and separates. The heart makes wholeness and connections real. The mind is the tool we use for differentiation, discrimination, discernment, distinguishing, classifying, ranking, rating, comparing, and organizing. This muscle is over-developed in the majority […]

Shifting the Mind-Set of “Diversity As a Challenge”

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Shifting the Mind-Set of “Diversity as a Challenge” Differences are a good thing There is an age-old adage: variety is the spice of life. So true! If every day were the same, our lives would be quite bland. Inertia would inevitably set in. Creative diversity would be forced into the open. Despite ourselves, we would […]

Assessing Your Culture: How D&I Savvy Are You?

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Assessing Your Culture: How D&I Savvy Are You? We all know that when organizational cultures honor, uphold and express values that respect and include others, individual and team performance significantly increases, and the culture thrives. If you are just beginning to focus on Diversity & Inclusion within your organization, or if it’s been a place […]

Dissolving Separation In the Workplace

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Dissolving Separation In the Workplace The Diversity Challenge Most cultures indoctrinate their youth with a sense of nationalism and loyalty— to congregate, relate to, and trust only “their own kind.” Throughout history, marrying someone outside of one’s own cultural or racial heritage was unthinkable. Even today, the act of cross-cultural or multiracial marriage is more […]