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10 Tips to Boost Morale

01 | Focus On The Good Stuff

…of what your people do, what they say, intend, contribute, sacrifice, risk,and hope to achieve. Instead of asking, “What’s going on here?” or “What’s wrong here?”, ask “What’s wonderful? What’s working?”

02 | Reward Good Behavior

Do this both formally and informally. Enthusiasm, presence and authenticity can add a lot of power to your efforts here.

03 | Model Excellence

In what you do, what you say, in your attitude, and even in what you wear.

04 | Promote Positive Self-Talk

Pay attention to when you hear people saying negative things about themselves, their work or their families. Politely point it out to them, so they can change their words to be more positive and success-enhancing.

05 | Value Differences

Let go of the old model that differences bring conflict. Rather put your attention on the UNIQUE GIFT that each member of your organization brings.

06 | Expect Success

Believe in your people and in your self. “As you are, so is the world”.

07 | Seek To Understand

Listen more than you talk, especially when in conflict.

08 | Look For The Gift In Your Challenges

We don’t have much choice about what challenges we encounter. But what we do have a choice about is how we respond to those challenges. Rather than saying, “Why me/us? It’s not fair! Some body fix it!” say, “What are the gifts that are coming to me/us because of this challenge? How is this difficulty helping me/ my people/ my organization to grow and evolve?”

09 | Be In A Good Mood

Maintain a good mood by making healthy choices, choices that support your aliveness, alertness, and inner joy. Get enough sleep, exercise, fresh air, and drinking water. Eat fresh healthy food at meal times. When reacting harshly, reflect on what foods, beverages, thoughts, worries or activities may have contributed. Learn from your mistakes.

10 | Access The Wisdom In Your Deep Heart

When needing guidance, answers, innovations… go inside. Exercise daily your ability to access the infinite reservoir of creativity, energy and intelligence deep within you. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly, deeply. Let go of physical tension and psychological stress. Let your awareness come into your heart. Repeat the name of your higher power or some deeply inspirational word that opens your heart. Sink…into your deep heart. LISTEN. Your deep heart is the home of all genius.