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Peggy O’Neill is an award-winning speaker and author, offering keynote speeches and trainings for businesses and individuals helping them to...

Build Resiliency
Embrace Diversity
Reduce Stress

some of the companies that I have worked with

How I Can Help You

My training programs for individuals and businesses provide powerful life skills that span across professional, social and personal domains. There is no doubt that everyone benefits from learning how to… 

  • Build Resiliency
  • Cultivate Inclusive Cultures
  • Increase Empathy
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Manage Stress
  • Be More Empowered
  • Embody One’s True Nature

You may ask, “How did Peggy gain all these skills herself?” Consider this: Claiming my birthright to be happy while going through life standing a whopping 3 feet 8 inches tall has been quite a ride! 

Living in a very big and judgmental world has not been easy.  Yet, triumphing over the innumerable challenges, I’m happy to report, has helped me develop many wonderful gifts and, ultimately, the opportunity to help others in very significant ways!

Weaving together the wisdom from my unique “in-the-trenches” life experiences and extensive background in psychotherapy (alongside a lifelong devotion to the development of higher consciousness), I have found myself supporting businesses such as Chase Bank, Texaco, FEMA, Lockheed Martin, the US Coast Guard and many others.

In these extremely challenging times, people and organizations need help! We all need insight, skills, and effective tools to overcome the difficulties of a changing and uncertain world. Who doesn’t need to see a clear path forward, and access their inner greatness?


Reestablish a positive mindset, boost your confidence and become unstoppable - no matter what life brings your way!

Join my 6 Week Masterclass: "Building Resiliency"

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Bridge differences, find common ground, and dispel biases as you develop a culture that’s strong in respect, equity and compassionate communication.

Join my 6 Week Masterclass: "Embracing Diversity, Optimizing Performance"


Reduces stress and increase happiness with tools that help you resolve trauma and regainimind-body health and well-being.

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Peg Teaching small grp
“When I hired Peggy, I had no doubt she would inspire and motivate our conference attendees, but the entertainment was an added bonus. Peggy’s keynote address filled the ballroom with both laughter and tears, and her fun spirit came through in everything she did.”
Marissa Goodwin
HiSET Conference Coordinator
“Your presentation, without a doubt, was one of the most impressive presentations I have had the pleasure to attend. Your humor, spirit and confidence projected a message that we all accepted and appreciated. Thank you for making a difference.”
R. Hansen
Santa Barbara Rotary Foundation

Want to become more resilient and reach your fullest potential?

In my FREE GUIDE I will teach you 3 secrets to spring back from challenges and recover quickly from difficulties.

Creating Winning Cultures

Empower your team or organization to be more inclusive! Set them up for success!

Who knew? By triumphing over their challenges, and creating cultures of greater inclusion, empowerment and empathy, some of the most business-like businesses have transformed their outdated work environments into “happy” cultures that are open, inclusive, supportive, expressive and enjoy camaraderie among their diverse employees of all backgrounds.

I’d be honored to support you or your team in navigating a way to greater resiliency and inclusion in the midst of transformative times. Let’s chat! We can see how I can help you!

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Empower yourself, your team or organization and create your own success!


Peggy with an early version of her book Walking Tall

Find motivation, inspiration, and in-depth guidance with practical tools and techniques on a variety of topics. Even a children’s picture-book about celebrating one’s uniqueness, and a super-fun coloring-book bursting with empowering aphorisms.


Peggy being Recorded while on Stage

Review Peggy’s corporate keynotes and trainings topics and their many benefits.


Peggy on the cover of Speaker Magazine

Needing a quick shot of inspiration or insight? Check out Peggy’s many articles that will support you in triumphing over challenges, building inclusive cultures and fulfilling your potential!

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“Your unique story and style of presenting captivated the audience. You were characterized as the ‘best of the best’ of our conference presenters.”
B. Enderle
Diversity Leadership Alliance Founder
“Your message was priceless and truly touched so many of our employees. Your personal experiences, expressive personality, and vibrant delivery truly made the presentation one-of-a-kind and memorable.”
S. Beatty
Washington Mutual Bank
“Peggy was easy to work with- a low maintenance speaker. Her talk had humor, personal antidotes and a message that resonated with our entire audience. We’re so glad we found her!“
D. Rossbach
Director Case Mental Health
“Bringing in Ms. O’Neill as the leadership conference keynote speaker, was one of the best moves I have ever made.”
J. Jones
Florida FBLA/PBL