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Keynotes & Training Presentations

Keynotes & Training Presentations

for Businesses & Organizations
for Businesses & Organizations
Peggy’s Most Popular Programs
Peggy’s Most Popular Programs
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today.

Building Resiliency

Increasing Engagement, Well-Being, and Productivity

In the tidal wave of Covid-19, people in businesses need support to regain their strength, optimism and sense of connection, and to access their clarity and resourcefulness so they can bring forth their best self and win!
If there ever was a season when people needed to build resiliency, this is it!
As a little person, standing 3’8”, my life has been a continuous onslaught of challenges where I’ve learned one thing for certain: to triumph over life’s many difficulties, it takes resiliency!
In this interactive 90-minute workshop, I will share my 5 time-tested secrets to building resiliency. Participants will learn to…
  • Cultivate a positive mindset amid adversity
  • Focus on what they can control
  • Reframe challenges as opportunities
  • Offer empathy to themselves and others
  • Make healthy choices so they can continue moving forward and win
  • Stay energized, enthusiastic and lead others to the same resiliency
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: Workers who can navigate through adversity, without getting bogged down by it, enable the company to continue to progress (against all odds). Innovation, productivity and profits can thus continue to grow.
“You were so easy and pleasant to work with.” – L. Jones, Prog Director, US West
 “You are one of America’s top speakers… I wish for the whole world to get to see and hear you.” – J. Dermody, CEO, Four Windows Inc.
“Your message was priceless and truly touched so many of our employees. Your personal experiences, expressive personality, and vibrant delivery truly made the presentation one-of-a-kind and memorable.” – S. Beatty, Washington Mutual
“Your humor and candidness made learning to overcome negative thinking enjoyable.” – D. Maye, Boing Inc.
“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our managers. We would definitely recommend you as a speaker to any group or company wishing to overcome difficulties.” – A. Rancis, VP, Ball Aerospace
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!
Spring Back Sample
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Spring Back: 5 Steps to Building Resiliency

Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

Cultivating Happy Workers Who Increase Profits

When employees are happy, organizations thrive. According to a recent study, happy employees are up to 20% more productive, and happy salespeople raise sales by a whopping 37%.
So, what makes them happy? Getting their needs met.
To meet your employees’ economic needs, (for mortgages, food, their kid’s education, etc.) you give them wages/salaries. But what about their social needs – Things like respect and inclusion? Honor and appreciation?
Meeting social needs is not as easy as meeting economic needs — especially because of the ever-increasing diversity in today’s workplace. And, because most people are not naturally “diversity savvy”. They lack experience and hold unconscious biases and pre-conditioned ideas that create separation, judgement, hostility and conflict.
Everyday people, as in your employees, need help learning to interact with others who are “different” so all feel respected, honored and included; so all feel happy.
Luckily, someone who knows first-hand about this can help.
From the soaring height of 3’8”, Peggy O’Neill know what it’s like to be “different”. To be happy & thrive, Peggy has had to master many D&I skills — like bridging differences, finding common ground and dispelling biases. Now, she wittingly shares her D&I expertise and strategies, helping organizations develop a culture that’s strong in inclusion, respect and mutual appreciation.
  • Shift their mindset around “differences”
  • Dissolve outdated fears & unconscious biases
  • Bridge differences
  • Find common ground
  • Gain awareness of how their words & actions impact others
  • Communicate in ways that create connection and cooperation
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: In diversity savvy cultures, workers get their social needs met, and are happy. Thus, they work better together, there is more cooperation, loyalty and productivity. There’s also less turn-over, conflicts and costly litigations. All of which leads to a “thriving” organization and increasing profits
“Your unique story and style of presenting captivated the audience. You were characterized as the ‘best of the best’ of our conference presenters.” – B. Enderle, Diversity Leadership Alliance Founder
“Your presentation on Celebrating Differences was absolutely superb! We received an overwhelming response. Admiration for a superior job!” – P. Davison, US Coast Guard
“Your sense of humor delighted us!” – D. Maloney, Telecom Services, Colorado University
“You truly did a great job bringing us ‘Celebrating Differences’… Come back again!” – J. Newman, Lockheed Martin
“Ms. O’Neill is the only person we found to be an outstanding role model for diversity and who truly represents the type of diversity we wanted our staff to be aware of. No other speaker had her qualifications.” – S. Warren, Employee Education Service Director
“Your presentation was very dynamic. We all left with valuable information to help us include others and get along better.” – K. Rappaport, NAWBO
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!
Happy Workers Do Their Best Work
Experience a part of this training now!
Get a FREE sample of Peggy’s book
Happy Workers Do Their Best Work

Reduce Stress & Increase Productivity

When people feel better, companies do better.

  • Ancient and state-of-the-art stress-management techniques for naturally decreasing stress and the effects of trauma through breathing, stretching meditation, and tapping.
  • The importance and benefits of attending to diminishing stress on a regular basis.
  •  To create a weekly – routine that supports experiencing less stress and more positivity.
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: When people are stressed, tired, traumatized and/or overwhelmed everything gets worse. However, stress can be neutralized by learning and practicing cutting-edge DE-stressing technologies. When people feel better, companies do better.
“Peggy was such a highlight and a positive addition to this conference. Your speaking ability is genuine and easy to get involved in. I love the way she involves and interacts with the audience.” – J. Knowlton, Co. Mental Health
“Peggy, you touched my heart in a way that cannot be changed… I am a better person for having met you. Thanks!” – Marissa Goodwin, HiSET Conference Coordinator
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!

Walking Tall Keynote

Heightening Confidence & Triumphing Over Challenges

Have you noticed? Challenges happen. And when they do – people have a hard time rallying.
Just when your employees are minding their own business, out of nowhere, life throws them a humdinger — They have a major falling-out with a team member, their manager threatens to fire them, their investment venture crashes, the upcoming merger leaves them reeling … No one escapes a hefty dose of challenges in life.
To meet your employees’ economic needs, (for mortgages, food, their kid’s education, etc.) you give them wages/salaries. But what about their social needs- Things like respect and inclusion? Honor and appreciation?
And, challenges beat us down; they make us feel small inside. And it’s not just challenges— critical people, a negative attitude, even our own inner voice can cripple us. Ever notice? Every time you raise the bar on your goals, there it is … whispering in your ear, “You could never do that! Who do you think you are?”
With so many things beating us down, how can we possibly bounce back and walk tall?
Luckily, 3’8” speaker/author Peggy O’Neill knows quite a bit about this. Having endured unceasing incidents of teasing, disappointment, discrimination and functioning in world not her size, Peggy has triumphed!
She exemplifies Walking Tall — responding to challenges with (what she calls) Inner BIGness – an internal state that is powerful, resilient, capable and optimistic.
In this insightful and humorous keynote, Peggy weaves her personal tragedies and triumphs of life as a little person into universal principles that help everyone better deal with the challenges life has brought their way.
From the juxtaposition of her outer smallness and her undeniable inner BIGness, audience members will be inspired to use Peggy’s practical tools that definitely work — tools they can use to … well …  in short, Walk Tall!
“Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you…”
“When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” — Marianne Williamson
  • Overcome the crippling effects of self-doubt, set-backs & uncertainty
  • Remain resilient and optimistic in the face of adversity
  • Silence their inner critic and break free
  • Build personal power so they can confidently contribute their unique brilliance
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: People who Walk Tall – Rock! They get it done.
“Peggy is the messenger AND the message.” – Frank Macguire, Fedex CoFounder
“Excellent style, humor and rapport with the audience.” – F. Johnston, Lucent Technologies
“We’ve had the nation’s top speakers. Your delivery and message for this audience surpasses them all.” – K. Druck, Founder, Jenna Druck Foundation
“Throughout the last 20 years, I was privileged to hear a great number of motivational speakers of national prominence. Your recent presentation clearly matched, and exceeded, those speakers with your combination of style, humor and real life experience.” – S. Alman, NC Rehab Association
“When I hired Peggy, I had no doubt she would inspire and motivate our conference attendees, but the entertainment was an added bonus. Peggy’s keynote address filled the ballroom with both laughter and tears, and her fun spirit came through in everything she did.”  – Marissa Goodwin, HiSET Conference Coordinator
“Your presentation, without a doubt, was one of the most impressive presentations I have had the pleasure to attend. Your humor, spirit and confidence projected a message that we all accepted and appreciated. Thank you for making a difference.” – R. Hansen, Santa Barbara Rotary Foundation
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!
Peggy’s Other Programs

Peggy’s Other Programs

Empathy - Your Next Superpower

Developing What Could Be Your Most Important Business Skill

HEAD SCRATCHING Many ask: What is empathy? How does it work and how can I master it? Leaders know they need to improve their ability to empathize, but many struggle with understanding how to summon up this unseen, unfamiliar and somewhat mysterious entity called “empathy”. Certainly, no one learned it in school. So, how do we pull this rabbit out of the hat? The same way we learn anything new- through attentive focus, taking in information, and then: practicing, applying, and practicing some more.
  • Listen with whole-hearted presence so others feel heard, seen & acknowledged
  • Consider what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes
  • Understand other’s perspectives and feelings
  • Use that understanding to guide their actions so their relationships grow with ease
  • Connect authentically with others so they become a more effective and sought-after leader- who can skillfully work through difficulties
MAGIC HAPPENS In this interactive workshop, we’ll roll-up our sleeves and do just that – focus, learn, and practice. Peggy will provide effective tools, techniques and exercises that will demystify and shed light on empathy — what it is, how it works, and how you can strengthen your empathy muscle. And most importantly, give you a chance to experience giving and receiving empathy, so you will feel more confident, skilled and at ease when using this powerful communication and connection tool.
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: Empathetic leaders and workers are attuned to and provide support, care and appreciation for one another. These conditions result in a healthy and sustainable workplace; a place where people like to come to work. And, as we all know, healthy systems grow, evolve and thrive.
BOTTOM LINE: Our Time Together Will Help Develop Empathy Into Your Next Superpower!
“Thanks for bringing a bright light and inspiration. In times like these it’s what’s needed.” – N. Winston, Texaco
“You offer tremendous insight into what is means to have “quality of culture.” – L. Carrabine, Public Relations Consultant
“What a gift to the world when someone faces an added challenge and shares their experience to help others. Thank you, Peggy” – M. Grano, Author
“Thank you for guiding us back to our hearts.” – Rebecca Jackson, Ph.D., Conference Participant
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!

Resolving Conflict With Ease

The Gift of Non-Violent Communication

Resolving Conflict is not easy — for anybody! Emotional upset, power-struggle, hostility — these common tenants of conflict feed “the fire” and make finding a resolution even more difficult. And … conflicts can be costly — halting progress & prompting litigations.
Quarrelling and warring nations, communities and organizations the world over found resolutions to their impassable disputes when Marshall Rosenberg taught them a simple 4-step communication model called Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Solutions were found. Peace prevailed.
That’s because NVC helps people shift their attention from blaming and judging others to being curious about their experience. This one simple shift can transform even the most hostile of environments.
NVC awakens empathy and creates connection. It supports us in finding common bonds and navigating win-win solutions. It increases understanding, and thus, cooperation and collaboration.
In this experiential presentation, you’ll be learning and practicing the 4-step model of NVC. You’ll gain some proficiency in communicating in ways that … rather than drawing swords … opens doors!
  • Listen attentively
  • Stop patterns of arguing, cruelty & discord
  • Communicate in ways that result in understanding & cooperation
  • Empathize with others
  • Navigate win-win solutions
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: Using NVC, team members can resolve conflicts with skill and ease. This saves precious time and mitigates litigations. It increases collective harmony, camaraderie, and rapport. It leads to employees working better together, which increases innovation, loyalty and productivity.
“You took me on that emotional roller coaster and I came out smiling in the end! Fantastic!” – S. Nicks, CEO, Nicks Inc.
“Peggy gave me some real and practical things to make the most of my days. Her life story is one that is truly admirable, humbling and one that everyone must know!” – D. Gadoury, CEO Quantum Transformations
“I learned more about me in this keynote than I did in the whole conference.” – Jan Alterman, Colorado Coalition for Mental Health
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!

Stand Up! Step Up! Speak Up!

Empowering Yourself to Be Heard & Respected

Many people lose their confidence, dreams, and even their voice because they’ve experienced undue difficulties in life — criticism, rejection, discrimination, discouragement or failure. Or maybe they are of a minority, have a shy personality, are frozen with fear or a victim of trauma.
Challenging life circumstances can prevent people from expressing themselves feely, allowing their natural brilliancy to flow, and sharing their unique ideas.
To reap the natural talent and creative innovations of your employees, your organization might want to provide support for the “quiet ones”.
In this interactive presentation, I’ll share my journey of becoming empowered, finding my voice again, and becoming a professional speaker. I provide audience members powerful tools and techniques they can use to break free from whatever is holding them back so they can find their voice and confidently contribute their creative genius.


  • Access their inner power, building courage and confidence
  • Find their voice and express themselves with clarity and proficiency
  • Discover their needs and advocate for them
  • Make clear, smart, quick decisions
  • Speak up so they can be heard, win respect and SHINE!
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: Get 100% value from your employee potentiality. Help your people who struggle with confidently expressing their unique ideas with ease, and take healthy-risks with courage.
HERE’S MY STORY: One month before my college graduation, the dean told me no one would hire me because I was a little person. I crashed and burned, tossing out my dream — only one step away from being a professional photographer. I struggled for many years to secure a career and a relationship. Then I gained access to my inner power. Now, a successful speaker and author, I boldly and confidently shine my light — presenting to large audiences of prominent corporations across the US, empowering people to find their inner power and to speak up!
“Awesome! Your keynote opening session and workshop were unanimously praised by over 1500 women participants. They found you enlightening and inspirational, humbling and motivating.” – D. Maddux, American Payroll Association
“When you talked about being a diamond – I experienced my own diamond inside! What an incredible gift.” – A. Anderson, Tender Life Maternity Home
“Peggy O’Neill was recently a guest on my tele-summit where we had nearly 100 speakers over the course of 30 days.  I can honestly say that Peggy’s presentation is the one that affected me the most.” – P. Kinney, VP of Marketing, Gather Central
“Bringing in Ms. O’Neill as the leadership conference keynote speaker, was one of the best moves I have ever made.” – J. Jones, Florida FBLA/PBL
“Peggy was easy to work with – a low maintenance speaker. Her talk had humor, personal antidotes and a message that resonated with our entire audience. We’re so glad we found her!“ – D. Rossbach, Director Case Mental Health
“In my career of 30+years, I have heard countless numbers of speeches and public addresses, but I have never been moved more that when listening to Peggy.” – R. Beach, Chairperson, Gallaudet University
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!

Increasing Authenticity

3 Steps to Boost Diversity

Standing only 3’ 8” and living in a big world, Peggy had to learn how to bridge differences. She acknowledges that “authenticity” is the main key to creating those bridges, connecting with others and building relationships that are genuine, meaningful and lasting.
In this informative and interactive session, Peggy will share her easy-to-remember, 3-step process for people in business to increase their authenticity, which naturally unfolds into strengthening diversity and inclusion within any company culture
  • Heighten self-awareness and align with their values
  • Encourage sincere interactions and creative collaboration
  • Persuade others to be team players with their diversity intact 
  • Generate an atmosphere of safety, inclusion & respect
  • Appreciate that we’re all “one-of-a-kind” AND … we’re all “One”
BENEFITS FOR THE COMPANY: Increasing authenticity cultivates an appreciation of one’s own and other’s uniqueness, allowing for increased creativity and innovation, inclusion and respect. Authentic people act in accordance with their values. Integrity and trust grow. Thus, creating the foundation for a harmonious, productive and prosperous work culture.
“Looking for a powerful speaker? Peggy is the real deal. She is a total pro, a rock star on any stage, for any organization.” – B. Montgomery, BGM Inc.

“Your sessions were my favorite part of the conference. Thank you!” – Jamie Eanes, HR/Payroll Manager, Larry Young Paving, Inc.

“You’ve made a big impact on me and I’m sharing your thoughts on inner smallness with friends. I’ll never forget you.” – J. Hocker, American Payroll Association
“Peggy, you are a powerful speaker, and I hope to listen to you at future conferences.” – Spiff, Conference Participant
Support Your Team In Rebounding From Their Many Setbacks Today!

Peggy's Program Rates

Speaking rates typically range from $5000 to $7500.
  • Keynotes & Trainings (up to 90 minutes)
  • Half-day Trainings (up to 4 hours)
  • Multiple Half-day Trainings
Peggy presents both in-person and online. For in-person presentations, travel expenses will be added.
Please call us to discuss which program format would best suit your needs.