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Unveiling Your Essential Beauty

Red & yellow tulips, close up

Unveiling Your Essential Beauty The Essence of Every Woman’s Happiness. Whether you approximate the cultural ideal of beauty or not, are you like most women who suffer because they believe they’re not beautiful enough? Women young and old, slim and fat, yearn to behold the power of attraction that comes with beauty. Their suffering ranges from […]

Our Greatest Power

Lightening across the sky, above water, dark purple sky

Our Greatest Power The Power to Choose The greatest power of human beings is not their ability to think, speak, to plan or to build. No. It is their capacity to choose. The power of choice is the greatest power we possess. Our day-to-day choices make us or break us. Every day we make zillions […]

Transforming Difficult Emotions Into Powerful Resources

2 tigers fighting

Transforming Difficult Emotions Into Powerful Resources Have you ever felt like throwing your computer out the window? Ever wanted to punch your boss in the nose? How about scream so loud, you’d make the whole office shake? If so, I’d say you are alive and well! Anger is usually a sign that something needs to […]

Five Steps to Flourishing Friendships

Silhouette of many people in the distance, sun breaking thru them

Five Steps to Flourishing Friendships Friends are the greatest gift in life! They bring love, comfort, joy and celebration. When it comes to attending a yearly conference, meeting, reunion or camp, one has a unique opportunity to create friendships that last a lifetime and bring us joy over many many years. Feeling excitement about attending […]