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“I learned more about me in this keynote than I did in the whole conference.”

PEGGY, YOU ROCK! “You took me on that emotional roller coaster and I came out smiling in the end! Fantastic!”

“You’ve made a big impact on me and I’m sharing your thoughts on inner smallness with friends. I shall never forget you.”

“Peggy, you touched my heart in a way that cannot be changed… I am a better person for having met you. Thanks!”

“Your presentation was very dynamic. We all left with valuable information to help us include others and get along better.”

“Peggy O’Neill was delightful! She was funny and had wonderful stories. I’m glad we all could enjoy her insights. Thanks for bringing her to us!”

“What a gift to the world when someone faces an added challenge and shares their experience to help others. Thank you, Peggy”

“You offer tremendous insight into what is means to have “quality of culture.”

“Looking for a powerful speaker? Peggy is the real deal. She is a total pro, a rock star on any stage, for any organization.”