In my free guide I will teach you 3 secrets to spring back from challenges and recover quickly from difficulties.

You will become stronger under pressure, positive in a hail storm of negativity, and capable of moving toward your goals and dreams, even when that movement seems impossible.

Develop the skills to overcome one challenge after another so that you can grow and evolve into your best self.

Build enriching relationships that support your journey toward connecting with something greater than ourselves

Strengthen your vital health and immune system helping you to be in top form to respond effectively to life’s challenges.


  • Feeling anxious, uncertain and unable to find your mojo?
  • Finding it difficult to bring your best-self forward?
  • Tired of feeling small inside?
  • Getting buried under the rubble and spiraling downwards?
  • Falling into hopelessness, thinking things will never change?


Creating A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is the foundation of springing back from challenges in life.  The thoughts we think can quickly become the reality we live. Mindset is all important.

Many people don’t recognize the power of their thoughts. But thoughts are extremely powerful. Thoughts really do create reality!

Here’s how it works:

  • Our thoughts generate actions.
  • Our actions generate results.
  • Our results generate feelings.
  • Our feelings generate a sense of happiness or unhappiness.

Without a doubt, our experiences in life are based on the thoughts we think. As Buddha so simply states, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

So, let’s take a look at the power of our thoughts and the way we think...

To Change Your Reality, Choose Different Thoughts

Some people speculate that what makes humans different from animals is their use of tools, dexterity, ability to plan, development of technology, and artistic expression.

While all of these things do distinguish us from the animal kingdom, the thing that makes us most unique is our power to affirm or deny our thoughts.

Thoughts are very powerful.

Positive thoughts are inspiring, uplifting and even humorous! To shift into a more positive mindset, create a daily practice for yourself: read something inspirational or watch a funny video, practice deep breathing and entertain thoughts that build you up. My favorite: “I’m awesome!” Say this empowering mantra to yourself quietly or say it out loud – really, really loud, if you like. Breathe in the truth of your awesomeness!

Choosing thoughts that support your well-being and reflect the truth of your innate greatness will spontaneously increase your power of resiliency!

Remember: we may not have a choice about what thoughts arise in our mind, but we do have a choice about which thoughts we dwell on and nurture.

If You Want A More Positive Experience, Put Your Attention On Positive Thoughts.

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About Peggy

Peggy O’Neill is an award-winning speaker and author, offering keynote speeches and trainings on related topics for large or small groups.

Standing at 3’ 8”, I’ve faced lots of challenges. As you might imagine, in grade school I endured lots of teasing, and in high school I was excluded from dating. One month before graduating from photography college, the Dean told me nobody would hire me because I was a little person.

Things weren’t going the way I expected, or the way I wanted. I got caught up in a downward spiral of depression and dysfunction. By my mid-30’s I thought it’s just too painful to go on.

But everything changed when I decided to reach out and ask for support. What I discovered was that cultivating resilience and optimism really turned things around for me. Those two skills were pivotal in changing behaviors that helped me begin to look forward to my life and dream into a different future.

I grew my speaking business, and over the past 15 years, I’ve shared these skills with hundreds of thousands of people, teaching them how to rebound from difficulty so they can triumph over their challenges.

Mastering the skills of resiliency and optimism has allowed me to live with an open heart, enjoy so many adventures and to celebrate the unspeakable wonders of this world and life! I wish the same for you!