A 6-Week Online Masterclass on Becoming Unstoppable

Ready to rebound from setbacks, break free from feeling stuck, and move forward with confidence and ease?

Recent times have brought on an onslaught
of challenges!
Can you relate to any of the following?⬇︎
If any of this sounds like you – please know,
you are NOT ALONE!

Just Imagine ...

... Showing up for YOUR life
feeling optimistic, empowered and courageous.

What would that be like?

The Building Resiliency Masterclass will show you how to:

If this feels like a pipe dream for you right now, I'm here to tell you - IT'S NOT.
You CAN do this!

Hi, I'm Peggy

Standing at 3’ 8”, I’ve faced lots of challenges. It started way back in grade school- enduring lots of teasing and name calling. In high school, I was excluded from competitive sports and romance. One month before graduating from photography college, the Dean told me nobody would hire me because I was a little person.

Things weren’t going the way I expected, or the way I wanted. I got caught up in a downward spiral of disappointment, depression and dysfunction. By my mid-30’s, it seemed too painful to go on.

But everything changed when I decided to reach out and ask for support. What I discovered was that cultivating resiliency completely turned things around for me. 

As I built my resiliency muscles, I started making different choices (life-supporting choices) and exhibiting resilient behaviors that helped me break free from the pain, and dream into a very happy future.

As I leveraged my gifts in speaking, I grew my business, and over the past 15+ years, I’ve shared the skills that allowed me to overcome innumerable challenges with hundreds of thousands of people, teaching them how to rebound from difficulty so they can triumph over their challenges.

Mastering the skill of resiliency has allowed me to break free from the downward spiral, enjoy many accomplishments- both personal and professional, live with an open heart, delight in many adventures, and to celebrate the wonders of each moment! I wish the same for you!

Now I’m excited to share my from-the-trenches time-tested nuggets of wisdom with you in my new program.


A 6-Week Online Masterclass on Becoming Unstoppable

In this power-packed program you’ll learn how to:

What's included
in the program

A learning opportunity where you, or your team, will be equipped with practical skills so you can function from “Inner Bigness” which results in rebounding from setbacks, moving forward, and enjoying more progress and productivity.

6 Video Trainings with Peggy

Content rich and power-packed. You’ll receive lots of tools and techniques, insights and stats, along with interactive exercises to help you integrate and embody the teachings.

A 6-Module Workbook

Your workbook will give you session summaries, charts and other featured content of each module, along with written exercises to help you reflect, envision and plan your next steps, so you can rebound, move forward and triumph most efficiently.

VIP Upgrade

Get real transformation with additional one-on-one sessions. In the VIP upgrade, you'll receive two 90-minute personalized sessions with me. I'll help you address your own unique challenges and work with you to create massive and lasting breakthrough!

Week 1

Creating A Positive Mindset


Flipping the switch to reset optimism


Utilizing the power of affirming self-talk


Getting back up when you think you just can’t

Week 2

Silencing the Critical Voice


Effective tools to deal with your inner-gremlins


Learning to create an internal atmosphere of acceptance


Clearing your mind so your genius and kindness can effortlessly be expressed

Week 3

Finding The Gift In Your Challenges


Techniques for extracting the wisdom within your challenges


Learning to respond to challenges in ways that create break-through


Inspiration to get on the “evolutionary” carpet-ride

Week 4

Practicing Self-Empathy


Teachings and practices that will help you develop empathy, for yourself and for others


Exercises where you can practice and build this uncommon but super-supportive skill


Inspiration for becoming a whole-human-being

Week 5

Making Healthy Choices


Reminders and tips for making choices that are life supporting


Tools to identify the choices that can most redeem your life


A scheduling sequence that will support you in continuously making healthier choices

Week 6


Reducing Stress


Teachings on the relationship between reducing stress and increasing resiliency


Practicing 3 powerful techniques that effectively reduce stress


Information & inspiration on accessing your authentic self

Raves for Peggy

“Thanks for helping us return to an optimistic mindset! In times like these, it's what's needed."
N. Winston
"Peggy is the messenger AND message."
Frank Macguire
Fedex CoFounder
“Peggy’s guidance has helped me be much more resilient and successful.”
Debra Poneman
Founder & President of Yes to Success, Inc.
"Your humor and candidness made learning to overcome negative thinking enjoyable. What powerful and practical tools for resiliency you gave us! Thank you."
D. Maye
Boeing Inc.
“Our managers are feeling so much more equipped to overcome challenges. They’re so much more resilient!"
A. Rancis
VP, Ball Aerospace

Are you ready to
Build Resiliency?

Resiliency is an inside job. It comes from our heart, our will and our hope. It keeps us strong under pressure, positive in a hail storm of negativity, and capable of moving forward, even when it seems impossible. Be Resilient Now!

Invest In You

A 6-Week Online Masterclass On Becoming Unstoppable

Peggy and the Building Resiliency Workbook



Or Make 3 Payments of $75



Or Make 3 Payments of $180


Try the Building Resiliency Masterclass risk-free. If after working the program and doing the coursework for the first 30 days you decide this program isn’t for you, let us know and receive a full refund.

“Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.”
Catherine DeVrye
The Gift of Nature
You don’t have to do this alone. Let me show you how to cultivate your own resilience and optimism so you can overcome any challenge and enjoy yourself every step of the way. You can succeed in the new normal.
with big love

Peggy O'Neill