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Books by Peggy

Spring Back

5 Secrets to Building Resiliency

In this power-packed mini-book, Peggy shares her 5 most effective resiliency secrets and super-charged exercises so you can “Spring Back” from the stress and many challenges of Covid-19 and beyond. You’ll learn how to regain your courage, confidence and clarity, and continue moving forward, achieving your goals while unfolding your full potential.

You'll learn to...
  • Triumph over whatever life brings your way
  • Connect to your inner strength
  • Showcase our superpowers
  • Evolve into your ‘best-self’
  • Become increasingly more alive, connected, compassionate, supportive, healthy, loving and fulfilled

Happy Workers Do Their Best Work


Creating an organizational culture that brings out the best in people is not an easy endeavor. In this book mini-book, I’ll give you effective tools and techniques to help you create a workplace environment that is happily diverse, that is respectful, inclusive and harmonious.

You'll learn to...
  • Shift your mindset from “differences bring challenges” to “diversity brings blessings”
  • Increase your EQ (develop the intelligence of your heart) become better at connecting with others, creating common ground and appreciating differences among people
  • Resolve conflicts with ease utilizing Non-Violent Communication
  • Create common ground by being genuinely curious about others and imagining walking in their shoes
  • Celebrate your own uniqueness by recognizing that you are (and giving yourself permission to be) awesome

Walking Tall

Overcoming Inner Smallness No Matter What Size You Are
  • Break Free from Whatever Holds You Back
  • Triumph Over Your Challenges,
  • Step Into Your Greatness
  • Create The Life You Really Want
Walking Tall will inspire, support and guided you to :
  • Increase your well-being
  • Make healthy choices
  • Transform emotional pain into power & compassion
  • Discover & embody your True Essential Nature
  • Celebrate your uniqueness
  • Be unstoppable

“For anyone who is searching for a way to feel good about him or herself, this book is IT! Walking Tall teaches us how to triumph over the debilitating forces of life’s challenges, poor past choices, and self-doubt. It illustrates through Peggy’s life how we can for so I triumph, celebrate our uniqueness and enjoy a very ‘big’ life!”
– Marci Shimoff, Chicken Soup For The Women’s Soul

Showcasing Your Super powers

For Women in Business Who Want to Be Heard, Respected and Promoted

In this mini-book, you’ll get big-time support for overcoming the difficulties of shyness, intimidation, social biases and injustices in the workplace. You will learn to identify, appreciate and nurture your own strengths, talents, gifts and skills – that is your “superpowers”.

You’ll come to understand how showcasing these superpowers can help you succeed. You’ll discover your inner power, a quality of true strength deep within you. You’ll be encouraged to be loud and proud of your innate greatness – where nothing holds you back and you soar towards creating the life of your dreams.

You'll learn to:
  • Identify your strengths
  • Connect to your inner power
  • Acknowledge your value
  • Silence critical voices
  • Stand up, step up and speak up
  • Model after a mentor
  • Give yourself permission to be awesome
    Waiting for the
Little Squarehead
An inspirational Children’s Picture Book About Being Different

“Little Squarehead will coach our young children to find their inner beauty and to celebrate their uniqueness.”
—Patty Hansen, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul

This is the story of Rosa, a lonely young girl who suffers the pain of being different from other people –her head is shaped like a square. Teased by her classmates, Rosa runs deep into the forest where she comes upon a mystical pool. In the clear water, she is amazed to see a brilliant diamond heart in her reflection. “This diamond mirrors the beauty that already shines within you,” a gentle voice tells her.

The delightfully illustrated book will inspire children of any age to celebrate their uniqueness as they face life’s challenges. Each colorful page is alive with hidden treasures. Can you find them all?

(Little Squarehead was named a finalist for the ForeWord Magazine’s 2002 Best Children Book of the Year Award. Published by Illumination Arts. Illustrated by Denise Freeman. Handback, 30 pages)

Walking Tall Is ….
An inspirational coloring book for teens and adult's

Sometimes life hands us a bum deal- We experience disappointment, criticism, rejection, failure, loss … We can feel beaten down, crushed, deflated- small inside.

Or sometimes we’re in the groove of how awesome life is– and we just want to shout for joy!

As you color in the empowering message on each page, feel yourself becoming courageous, resilient, celebratory, powerful–BIG Inside. Watch yourself Walk Tall!

feeling empowered, courageous, confident & happy * maximizing your power to choose* celebrating your uniqueness* counting your blessings continuously* finding the gift in your challenges* being wildly present* abundantly expressing gratitude* persisting until you succeed* sustaining and ‘I can do it!’ attitude* forgiving freely * silencing critical voices* supporting others in succeeding * honoring differences in others* asking for what you want* making healthy choices* staying optimistic* vibing infectious joy* knowing you are 100% lovable now . . . …. and on and on

Thank God I …

Stories of Inspiration for Everyday Situations, Volume 2

Adultery, Depression, Abuse, Divorce…

Can You imagine being grateful for any of these? Finally, a book that transforms the Human Experience!

Thank God I …. Volume 2 shares how many have found even greater blessings in life’s challenges. You can evolve through your pain. Yes, you are worthy of creating the life you would love. In fact, YOU ARE LOVE!

These stories are true testimonials to the power of the human spirit. These authors let it shine, and what you will learn is that regardless of the circumstances – you can shine, too!

(Peggy contributes her lemon-to-lemonade story of her life as a little person, in this touching, inspiring and heartwarming collection of overcoming-difficulties true-tales.)